Position as a 3D Character Animator

05.2011 - Present

(Seoul , South Korea) ++ Cinematic Animator / Camera Artist (www.ncsoft.com)

Blade & Soul l Cinematic Animator / Camera Artist

04.2008 - 05.2011

Vicarious Visions, Inc (Activision l Blizzard Company)++ Animator (www.vvisions.com)
  Skylanders : Spyro's Adventure NDS l Character Animator
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Wii
l Character Animato
Guitar Hero iPhone l Character Animator

Transformers : War for Cybertron NDS l Character Animator
Band Hero NDS l Character Animator
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Xbox360, PS3 l Character Skinning
Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen NDS (Autobot, Decepticon) l Character Animator

James Bond : Quantum of Solace NDS l Character Animator

  09.2010 - 03.2011
Animation Mentor +
The Online Animation School
    Class 2 _ Nick Bruno @ Blue Sky studios
Class 1 _ Richard Fournier @ Blue Sky studios

02.2005 - 12.2007
Academy of Art University
+ MFA, Animation & VFX Dept. , San Francisco, CA
Pixar 2 Class _ Adam Burke and Mike Wu
Pixar 1 Class _ Andy Beall and Stephen Gregory

03.2000 - 02.2004
Kyunghee University
+ BFA, Multimedia Design in Art and Design dept., Suwon, Korea


2008 ¡°Missing the Point¡±
3D Animation Short Film, Maya, Final Thesis,
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA
+AAU Spring Show 2008 , Animated Short Film Finalist
  2003 ¡°More and More¡±  
3D Animation Short Film, 3D Max Studio, Final Thesis,
Kyunghee University, Suwon, Republic of Korea
+Creative Univ. Animation Production Support by Korean Film Council

Computer Skills
Alias Maya
3D Max Studio
Unreal Engine
Adobe Photoshop / Premiere / After Effect
SoundForge / Vegas
Flash / Dreamweaver

Drawing Skills
Skills in life drawings, Understanding in human anatomy